Ever since the Middle Ages the people of Central Switzerland have been celebrating «Fasnacht» which takes place before the Fasting Season. It starts on Shrove Thursday and ends 6 days later in the early morning hours of Ash Wednesday. In Zug the Fasnacht starts with a loud bang early in the morning and the whole days consists lots of noise, music, a parade with fantastic costumes and a wonderful atmosphere – all in all a fabulous day for everybody!

05.00 h - Wake up call at the Landsgemeindeplatz. Free bus ride if you arrive from within the canton, free croissant and coffee.
06.00 h - Family breakfast – alcohol free breakfast in the Rathaus at Fischmarkt offered by the Zuger Chesslete Society.
09.00 h - Start of the Metalli-Guggete, Guggenmusic concerts in the Metalli Shopping Center.
10.00 h - Face painting on the Bundesplatz (Just for KIDS) accompanied by Guggenmusic.
11.30 h - Risotto lunch on the Bundesplatz offered by the local businesses.
14.30 h - Traditional parade with lots of themes and colorful costumes BIG CONFETTI BATTLE on the Bundesplatz.
16.00 h - Children’s Fasnacht on the Landgemeindeplatz with many attractions and "Guggen". 
16.30 h - Welcome Concert at the Bahnhof with many «Guggen»!
From 19.15 h Chesselwy in the Old Town: Guggen Music on three different stages until after 01.00 h, many Tents, Bars and Restaurants are open until the early morning hours!
Complementary buses at 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning.

How can I support Chesslete?

The Zuger Chesslete is organised by a nonprofit organization. All members are volunteers.

This event is possible only through the financial contributions from private individuals. How can you support them?

1. Buy a Badge! You may purchase them beforehand at the Zug Tourism Office at the train station or during the day.

2. You may become a Sponsor and contribute to the following account at the:

Zuger Kantonalbank, 6301 Zug.
Information: Vereinigung Zuger Chesslete,
6300 Zug.
Konto: 00-719.170-07;
IBAN: CH30 0078 7000 0719 1700 7
Reason: Sponsor

3. Or you may choose another way of contributing, please contact (they speak English):Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!






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